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Court of Honor June 5th, 2023

We all gathered on the night of June 5th to celebrate our achievements.

Opening – Boden McDaniel, SPL

Rank Advancements

Scout – Mr. Goodwin

  • Justin Corriero
  • Matthew Baker
  • Ryan Tyler
  • Samuel Strickland

Tenderfoot – Mr. Goodwin

  • Dylan Doyle

Second Class – Mr. Goodwin

  • Paxton McDaniels

First Class – Mr. Vennard

  • Adam Klein

Life – Mr. Goodwin

  • Boden McDaniel
  • Liam Kelley

In total Troop 30 achieved 28 rank advancements this since last June!!


  • Since last June there have been 6 scouts to achieve the rank of Eagle!
    • Charlie Papiernik
    • Teague McDaniel
    • Aidan Graham
    • Tyler Mascherino
    • Jon Thorngate
    • Logan Aiken

!! Great work by all those scouts! I know there will be many more Eagle scouts by next June !!

Merit Badges

Merit Badges Awards – Ms. Livingston

  • Since last June, Troop 30 earned 137 merit badges!


  • 8 total campouts including Summer Camp, 21 camping days!
  • Wind Caves always a favorite and the troop went back to Gettysburg for the first time in a few years!
  • In a coupe of weeks, we have two crews leaving for New Mexico to tackle the high adventure of Philmont!

New Scouts & Families:

  • This year we welcomed 10 new scouts to our Troop along with their families.
  • Again, welcome to all the newest scouts and their families and thank you for those that are already helping out by volunteering their time! Many hands make light work.
  • As a reminder per the new Scouts BSA rule starting September 1st, to go on a campout as an adult you will need to be a registered member of Scouts BSA. More information to come, and in the meantime if you have any additional questions please reach out to myself or Mr. Aiken.

Closing – Boden McDaniel, SPL

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